Exotic feather covered cross body bag, inspired by ancestral culture's to incorporate modern style and unique materials in one piece.





Hand drawn concepts developed to visualize variation in form and closure methods. Exploration of feather and beads placement and pattern development  






Hand made bead threads made with a combination of beads following the white, gold and black color pallet 


Hackle feather

Yellow gold Hackle feather trims 


Emu Feather

Deep black Emu feather trims  

 Plumas is bold, exotic yet very stylish. It definitely not for everyone. But for those who brave this piece, heads will turn at every corner.


The Emu feathers complement the bag's black leather and beads. They also add to the stylish exoticness that comes with the Plumas.

These beads are hand stitched to the bag to ensure longevity of life while completing the bags inspiration.

The Plumas is not an ordinary bag, and unlike ordinary bags, the Plumas's hardware is stitched through beads to ensure that no exotic detail was overlooked.