Design Brief 

The team was challenged to design a family of healthy lifestyle tools that are inspired by toys.

We aim to design sustainable, quality products that instill creativity by user friendly interaction. We uphold the ideal of engaging imagination to create a meaningful experience for the user. Our products allow our customers to adopt the mindset of defying the boundaries.

first pic.png

Rise n’ Shine

Waking device, that gradually illuminates to full brightness to wake up the user more naturally than sound alarms. Spin light star down towards the blue arrow side to snooze alarm. Spin in the opposite direction to turn off. Light star can be easily removed from the base and used as a portable night light.



spin 1.png

Spin to snooze


spin 2.png

Remove to use





This is a 20 ounce interactive measuring water bottle. Tilt the bottle until the water line fills to the indication stripe. The first measurement is 8 ounces and the second measurement is 16 ounces. Ounces are represented by specific number of dots. The cap shape is a five rounded point star that allows for easy removal while having a light water proof seal.





This kinetic vitamin dispenser that encourages the user to take vitamins through its playful nature. The top is a seven rounded point star with spinning capability. This allows the user to dispense the vitamins through a hole in the body cavity by spinning the top. The vitamin are easily refilled by pouring them into the top cavity.


Fill at the top!

Store inside!

Receive from the bottom!




This food scale measures food in kilograms by using  water displacement. Start by placing the food on the blue plate, which then pushes down on the water compartment.  The pressure created from the weight of the food will displace the water into the tube. Each group of stars represents one kilogram. To read the weight, look at the water line and which star it correlates closely with.


big pic.png
fina pic.png