Hand stitched everyday backpack, designed to enhance the natural beauty of leather and the minimalist modern touch of marble. 





Hand drawn visualization for Marmor's sleek, chic and user friendly design. Each sketch allowed for the exploration of closure techniques and overall look and style.  



material 1.jpg

Madison Leather

Cashew colored leather hand stitched with beige wax thread to achieve a naturally soft yet structurally firm satchel form. 

material 2.jpg

Casted resin 

Custom self casted resin with a marble like finish to evoke a unique yet simple look. 



Technical Drawing


Madison Cashew Leather

All seams hand stitched used wax beige wax thread

Custom handmade hardware casted using resin with marble like finish

  • Closure
  • Buckles
  • Triangle details

All edges burnished and finished with gum tragacanth