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Design Brief 

The team was challenged to research the needs and problems surrounding the aftermath of natural disasters in order to create an effective shelter design. 


Our mission is to provide post-natural disaster shelters through a product-service system that facilitates effective and efficient community set-up; thus, offering relief organizations a holistic value proposition.



Company Offerings


Global Storage Facilities

Immediate Deployment

On-site Set-up and Clean-up Services

Rent to Use     

Request to Re-use




Disaster Location                   LODGE Storage Faciclity 




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Sama el saket

Tsunami survivor and RISD alumni. Thesis title: Rethinking the Zaatari Refugee Camp in Jordan

“Redesigning the neighborhood structure to allow families to cluster therefore creating more private spaces.”

“It needs to be planned with a permanent mindset but with temporary materials.”

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Sahar tieby 

Micro-finance specialist with work experience in refugee camps in Africa, Middle East and Asia.

“Design to secure the limited assets that the refugees have.”

Financial issues are a major challenge for setting up shelter camps.”







The exploded view shows explicit details of how the shelter is formed and assembled

Top View

Interior View

Two Standard Twin Beds


Front View

Interior Environment

Privacy Blinds open up for sunlight and close completely to maintain indoor temperature and provide privacy.

Maximum sunlight exposure

Shades 2.png

Minimal sunlight exposure

No sunlight exposure


Sliding beds that are connected to a rail to allow the user to control the space between the two beds.

Slide the beds

Beds can slide in both directions


Foldable beds to maximize the space usage allowing the user a more personalized experience.

foldable bed 1.png

Pull down using the hook on the bottom

Extend leg and carefully place on floor

Can be used as a bench or bed

Passive Cooling

Ventilation through top opposite to each other windows creating airflow

Passive Heating

Direct sunlight gain when blinds are open giving heat and light


Urban Plan


Oglethorpe Plan

This layout creates a sense of community since the victims have a common area in the center of the plan where they can reunite. 

Each shelter has a small area around it to create a feeling of safety and privacy.

The four large buildings on the ends of the park are public buildings (cafeteria, clinic, mens bathroom, womens bathroom). 



LODGE provides different transportation methods depending on the location of the natural disaster.