I grew up in Amman, Jordan and moved to Savannah, Georgia in 2013 to attend Savannah College of Arts and Design (SCAD). Like most High School seniors, I didn’t have a concrete plan of what I wanted to study or what I wanted to do. I came to SCAD as an undeclared major in hopes that I would find my calling within my freshman year, and I did..kind of. I declared industrial design, and for three years I worked endlessly on designs and products, it made me feel so accomplished every time our design went from a 2D sketch to a 3D object. Industrial Design taught me how to effectively work in a group, how to work under stress, and the importance of time management. Industrial Design gave me everything but a hobby. At the end of my junior year I stumbled upon accessory design as an elective, and immediately fell in love. I learned how to create bags, and knew this was going to be my thing. I enrolled in another class, and by the time my senior year started I decided to make accessory design a minor. I excelled in all accessory design classes, and my bags went on display several times in the fashion building. I had finally found something that I have fun doing. Don’t get me wrong, I enjoy industrial design and without industrial design, I probably wouldn’t have had the foundation to excel in accessory design. However, accessory design is something I genuinely enjoy doing as a hobby. Accessory design has given me the hobby I never had. Coupled with industrial design and accessory design I now have the knowledge, the education, and the passion to join an established team of designers who want to make a statement with their designs.

Graduate of SCAD with honors (May 2017), living in Amman, Jordan and of course designing bags for fun.

Please enjoy my website, and feel free to reach me at: ohtieby@gmail.com